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In 2011, after meeting up with a group of professionals and friends, NOVAPANGEA was born, the association for internationalization, ethical development and equal opportunities. The name NOVAPANGEA is not accidental. Pangea was the name of the single continent that is believed would include all land during the Paleozoic age. Only later did it split, giving rise to the continents we have . We like to imagine that today, through globalization and an integrated exchange between peoples, we can think about a new Pangea, even though only virtual, but where everyone feels an integral part of it.

Considering culture as an essential foundation for growth. We would like to make people travel, through stories, traditions, art, food, music, but also talking about alternative and new forms of tourism. Even for those who have traveled a lot it is useful to meet people that were born, lived and worked in countries other than our own and learn how a behavioral pattern is more useful than another to complete a deal or meet new people. We would like to give the youth an important cultural baggage to choose travel destinations or perhaps while working , a good alternative for those to cope with long and laborious journeys.

We would like to speak of international entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized enterprises. Internationalization does not mean relocating or receiving supply orders from the foreign market, but rather allow companies to penetrate foreign markets through the creation of partnerships with local entrepreneurs and the development of distribution networks through agreements with local distributors, until the opening offices or showrooms in locations and countries considered strategic for the expand  its product.

Internationalization means opening up new markets for our products. The association wants to be a showcase for operators in the market, but at the same time, be at the service of its Associates and Partners in-depth knowledge of emerging or developing countries, taking advantage of the needs and demands of those who want to be present in the new markets, meet local demand and to be a part of new organizational models. . The success of a company today is indicated by its parameter of "internationalization". If achieving good or excellent levels is in fact dependent on factors internal to the company, the positive end result however, depends on how the company determines the logic of internationalization and its ability to field its best "assets "to achieve the goal.

Among these "assets" is an important part of knowledge which is represented by the market to be developed abroad (in its dynamics of economic and industrial development) and the structure of local institutional networks to support the development of local enterprises to which the company can merge with. Our aim is to help the entrepreneur to understand the importance of being on foreign markets,  knowing the local characteristics and peculiarities, providing a complete service, customized on business and related to both the traditional Scouting market  in its different components, and to real possibility of rating with the economic fabric of the related local industrial sector.

It is a great opportunity for us to offer our members the opportunity to meet people who know the emerging countries, those countries that today are considered a reference point, because they are rich in resources and opportunities for investment and employment. Novapangea takes advantage of the collaboration of associated persons and consultants who live and work abroad and over time have been participating in the initiatives of the association. The consultants are available to meet entrepreneurs associated with them and explain the characteristics of these markets at absolutely no cost or fees. With the confusing information in the last few years, we think it important to communicate with those interested in our business and explain how the needs and characteristics of each country can differ and can be distinctive in order to draw various types of important information not only commercial but also cultural, because if you want to work abroad or with foreign entrepreneurs we cannot neglect the behavioral patterns and you have to know the traditions and peculiarity of other markets, as well as to assess what  is the most suitable target market for your business.

For this reason the association offers its members a free and valuable service:

1. identification of a product sector for the development of a project; 2. identification on the inside of one or more homogeneous companies, interested in the foreign market; 3. mapping with suitable evaluation forms to classify individual businesses and to learn about the  characteristics and potential of each; 4. any virtual creation of a group (in the presence of a cluster); 5. meeting with the individual entrepreneur or entrepreneurs to answer any questions or problems; 6. market investigation to assess the most suitable area and the partners of reference; 7. preparation of a report similar to a pre-feasibility study.

Afterwards, in case of an agreement with the Association, the consultants offer an estimate at fair costs:

• preparation of a concrete proposal with a cost estimate for its implementation (joint ventures; distribution    network; opening of a representative office or showroom with staff of the place) • identification of trade fairs; • identification of any requests from local entrepreneurs; • field missions, with the consultant as an accompanist to meet entrepreneurs and local authorities; • comprehensive advice to start-up.


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